Current Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was a young and upcoming player during Luis Suárez’ three-and-a-half years at Liverpool (2011-2014) and has learned a lot from his former teammate. Henderson recently shared some memories of the Uruguayan to LFCTV.

In the LFCTV series ‘Premier League Heroes’, the England international shared a tale that typifies Liverpool’s former No.7.

“Knocks and niggles didn’t bother him, he played through them,” says the captain. “[He was] a real warrior. I never saw him in the treatment room.

“I remember one game, his ankle was that swollen he couldn’t get his boot on, so he had to go a size up in someone else’s boots. He played on and scored an unbelievable free-kick.

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“Stuff like that you don’t forget. What he does on the pitch speaks for itself. To line up in the tunnel, it’d give you so much confidence as a player knowing that you were going into a game and he was leading at the top. You would react from him and he would set everything off.”

Henderson continues: “He could make the difference at any point. You could be backs against the wall and defending for your life, and Luis could come up with a bit of magic and get you a goal – that’s the quality he had.

“I think the biggest thing was just the confidence he gave the whole group. When you line up alongside him and you’re on the pitch, you know no matter what happens in the game he could produce anything for you. That gave us confidence as players.

“I learned a lot from Luis as a player and as a person.”

Beautiful words from Hendo!

Written by David Kraakman.