In an interview with FIFA, Uruguay captain Diego Godín talked about how it felt to be captaining his country and explains the heroic rise of Atlético Madrid. 

Interview with Diego Godín.

Godín on playing for Uruguay:

“It’s been my dream ever since I was little, I always wanted to play for Uruguay. It’s something that fulfills me as a person. To be able to play, to be able to captain, to have the responsibility of having a team and the whole country behind me.”

Godín on the 2010 World Cup:

“Uruguay was the last team to qualify for that World Cup, but we ended up to be the biggest revelation. We do what we can, we give everything to win. That is Uruguay. The players are 100% competitive and that team was exactly like that. It was obviously amazing to get to a semi-final, but it was also the way we did it. People identified with the believe shown by the players, both on and off the pitch. If that game had been five minutes longer, things would certainly turned out differently. But that’s football.”

Godín on Atléti’s rise:

“Thanks to hard work, a lot of effort and also the unconditional love of our amazing fans, we’ve managed to rise up and become one of the best teams in Europe. We’ve transformed the club and achieved our goals over the last few years by winning titles.”

Godín on the World Cup dream:

“It will be wonderful to win a World Cup with Uruguay and obviously I’ll fight for it, just like my teammates. What characterizes us in terms of football and in terms of culture, is the fact that we’re all competitive players. We’re team players that give everything for each other. We’ve always believed in our team, and in our squad. We have a lot of confidence and I think we have an excellent team and great players that can compete against anyone.”

Watch the full interview below.